In order to use as a fill-able form, open the link below, then click the button,
OPEN WITH A DIFFERENT VIEWER,  at  the top, right corner, and open in Adobe Acrobat...


1. Click on and download the Scholarship Form or Educator's Grant Form
2. Open it in Adobe Acrobat Reader (this is a free download if you don't already have this app)
3. Open tools and choose Fill and Sign (this may pop up automatically)
4. You can then choose plain text (AB), a checkmark, "X", oval to circle something, a hyphen or a bullet dot.
5. Use checkmark when choosing what Scholarship for which you are applying. You can move the text or checkmark box around once typed, in order to make sure it is inside the provided box.
6. In places where text is needed, click on AB and click on the area in which you will type in.
7. Don’t forget to Save As and rename the document where you can find it easily.
8. When finished, print out for signatures.