Kappa Kappa Iota
2023 National Convention

Dear Local Chapter President: 

The 2023 Kappa Kappa Iota National Convention is now less than 9 months away, and there is much to be done. Because Conventions have gotten so expensive in the last few years, some states now join together to put on one. Since I have just taken on the chairmanship of this Convention, and it is way too late to enlist the help of another state, Louisiana will be hosting the 2023 Convention alone. Because I want this to be the best possible Convention for you and all other Kappa members, I could really use your help.

Although regular registration will not begin until spring of 2023, individual members, who have a heart for Kappa and all it stands for, have the opportunity to PREREGISTER NOW to spread out some of their registration expense and to assist in the planning of this great annual meeting of Kappa Kappa Iota.

A blank pre-registration form is attached to this letter, so that you can make copies and have your members fill them out at your next meeting. You can then return them along with the pre-registration monies to Renee Spencer, the Convention Registrar. We encourage each Kappa member to pre-register $5.00, but any amount above $5.00 will also be accepted.

Any amount above the $5.00 pre-registration/donation amount will be deducted from the regular registration fees, when the regular registration for the convention actually takes place. If, for some reason, the member who has preregistered is unable to attend the convention, $5.00 of the pre-registration amount will be a tax-deductible donation, and any amount above $5.00 will be returned to the member. Actually, your chapter may want to register $5.00 for each member and count it as philanthropy from your chapter.

If your members are pre-registering individually and are not at your next meeting, don’t discount their pre-registration. There is no deadline for a member to pre-register. Even if you have members who may not be able to attend the Convention, this gives them the opportunity to have a part in the creation of a great experience for their fellow members, as well as helping to see that the business of Kappa Kappa Iota is continued.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this. Your help is much appreciated.


Charlotte Schneider
2023 National Convention Chair
Kappa Kappa Iota