2023-2024 State Presidents

Cathe Kehe

Alpha State Oklahoma

Kappas--Educations' Busy Bees

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Laura Still

Beta State New Mexico

Kappas Blossom Wherever They Go.

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Judy Oliver

Gamma State Kansas

"Seas" the Day!

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Marsha Coffey

Marsha Coffey

Delta State Texas

Kappas Bloom with Knowledge, Service, and Friendship.

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Franny Spencer

Franny Spencer

Epsilon State Arkansas

True Friends, like Kappas, are Diamonds--bright, beautiful, valuable and always in style.

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Cindi Thompson

Zeta State Missouri

Show Me Kappa Pride!

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Louise Walsh

Eta State Louisiana

Let Everyone "Sea" Kappa Ideals in You!

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Ellen Patterson

Ellen Patterson

Theta State Alabama

"Sea" What Kappa Can Do!

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Nancy Johnson

Nancy Johnson

Iota State Nebraska

Kappas Brighten the Day with Love, Courage, Faith, Honor, Learning, & Giving.

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Anita Beasley

Anita Beasley

Lambda State Georgia

Kappas are Difference Makers.

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Donna Geno

Mu State Mississippi

Kappas "Sea" the Treasures In Life

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Henrietta Hamilton, Xi Chapter, Nu State/CA

Henrietta Hamilton

Nu State California

Kappas are Like Islands In the Sea, Separate on the Surface, But Connected in the Deep.

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Amanda Powell

Amanda Powell

Xi State Florida

Kappas Keep Moving Forward, Opening New Doors, And Doing New Things.

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Carol Meier

Carol Meier

Omicron State Iowa

Kappas Are Positive, Professional, and Awesome!

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Kathy Gordon

Kathy Gordon

Rho State North Carolina

Just BE...like Betsy and Earlene

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Nancy Lind Upsilon/SC

Nancy Lind

Upsilon State South Carolina

Waking up with Kappa.

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Lenore Gunnoe

Lenore Gunnoe

Phi State Ohio
Judy McCready

Judy McCready

Psi State Tennessee

A Kappa's Life Includes The Beauty of Kindness.

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Suellen Sulunga

Chi State Hawaii

Kappa in Hawaii in the Aloha Spirit

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Janet Hankla Alpha Alpha KY

Janet Hankla

Alpha Alpha State Kentucky

The Sun Shines Bright on the Home of the Kentucky Kappas.

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Stacey Hiltner MD

Stacey Hiltner

Alpha Chapter Maryland

Maryland Kappas Shining Bright with Positivity, Kindness & Friendship

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