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Reports & Donations

National Committee Suggestion Form
Mid-Year & Year-End Report for State Presidents
State/Local Professional & Personal Development Reports
State/Local/Regional Empathy Reports & Empathy Concern Report
State/Local Philanthropic Reports
State/Local Officers Reports
Nominating Committee
Legend of the Violets
Delegate Report
Kappa Donation
Kempe Donation
State Committee Chairs

REQUESTS, Information & Awards

Incentive Award Form
VIP Award Guidelines
VIP Award Score Card (Fillable)
Holographic Will (Fillable)
Deceased Kappa
Inactive Status
Monthly Philanthropic
News Release
Charter Membership
Request for Visit
Mailing Assistance
Transfer of Membership
Request for Contact/Target State Status
Life Membership Application
Nomination Form for National Office*
Memorial Gardens Brick Order Form

*National Office Nomination Form is available upon request from National Headquarters