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Kappas visited Headquarters during the Centennial Convention held in Tulsa.  The Memorial Garden pathway was lined with personalized bricks to honor, memorialize or pay tribute to a State, National President, State President, Kappa Member, Kappa Guy or Kappa Kid.  Bricks are still available for purchase.  Contact Executive Director Teri Poreda for information.

Close up on a dollar bill

Saving Kappa “K” Dollars is an easy way to raise funds.  Not only that, Psi State Tennessee has issued a challenge to all the states:  Bring in the most K Dollars to the Palm Springs Convention in 2022!

Congratulations to Vicki Bartalino, Kappa Chapter, Beta State New Mexico for recently bringing in four new members!  Let’s all take that as an inspiration for this year!

Supplies provided to area school.  These are school supplies that Phi State, Nu Chapter, raised for
Ravenna High School.  Their treats included items for the food pantry,
beauty samples, cosmetic bags, and great joke books for the Little Free Libraries with PMHA. (This was submitted by Lenora Gunnoe, Nu Chapter, Phi State/OH)

Marilyn Bridges’s daughter, Grace, spent almost two months in the hospital with a severe case of Covid-19.  She spent weeks at a time in different wards and continued to fight.  She is still undergoing physical therapy to help her regain full functioning of her arms and legs.

The members of Alpha Gamma, Theta State, Alabama, began the KIDZ EATZ CLUB program last year to help provide for children in Baldwin County. Under the leadership of Anne Davis, the group began with a minimal amount of funds and has partnered with churches and individuals to provide needed weekend meals, shoes, clothing, snacks, and support for more than 300 children. The ministry provided more than $10,000 worth of items last year and is continuing the program this year. 


The primary focus of KIDZ EATZ CLUB is to deliver weekend bags of food for those children identified as in need by the school counselors. While substitute teaching after her official retirement as fourth-grade teacher, Anne became aware of children who could not afford school snacks and came to school hungry on Mondays. She brought her concerns to Alpha Gamma, whose members and friends eagerly joined her ministry. Each bag consists of six meals high in protein and costs about $6.00. The bag is secretly placed in the child’s backpack on Fridays. When requested, KIDZ EAT also provides other items such as shoes and socks. Anne says, “This is truly a loaves and fishes ministry. It is unbelievable how much support we have. Churches, individuals, and other organizations have been so generous already. We started with $600 and have been blessed to be able to provide more than $15,000 worth of items for our children so far. What a gift to be able to be a part of this.”

Anne Davis is pictured on the far right.