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The purpose of this organization shall be to promote the advancement of education by providing an effective network for the exchange of education and teaching practices by educators.

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Kappa Spotlight for September

Lenora Mahan
PNP Lenora Mahan

On Aug 14th our oldest living Past National President, Lenora Mahan, celebrated her 100th birthday. She was our National President in 1982-83.

Before her term as president, Lenora Mahan and the Colorado Kappas had the first Kappa flag designed.

When asked what she credits to her longevity, she credits God keeping her safe, always keeping busy, and doing what you love to do. And she loves to do things to benefit Kappa.

You can read more of Lenora’s exciting journey with Kappa by clicking the link below. 

Read More About Lenora Here


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