Purpose: Determine grant funds available and write proposals that would enable us to support our Five-Year Strategic Plan:

Strategic Goal 1 (MEMBERSHIP): To increase, retain and reinstate a diversified organization

Objective 1: Expand membership opportunities to all professional educational personnel by 10% per year per state

Objective 2: Retain current members through incentive award(s) with five years or more (ten, fifteen, twenty, twenty-five, etc.) of membership

Objective 3: Retain reinstated former members and current members at a rate of 95% annually

Strategic Goal 2 (PERSONAL & PROFESSIONAL GROWTH): To explore a variety of resources to offer appealing programs for personal and professional growth

Objective 1: Develop a list of programs for personnel and professional growth through National Kappa Kappa Iota

Objective 2: Solicit a list of topics of interest from members and compile a list of popular topics from which to offer meeting programs as evidenced from a local chapter survey

Strategic Goal 3 (PUBLICITY/PROMOTION): To promote awareness of Kappa Kappa Iota and showcase activities through all possible avenues of publicity

Objective 1: Increase the level of publicity on the national website, social media, and local media outlets such a YouTube videos, commercials, and local newspaper articles

Strategic Goal 4 (REVENUE EXPANSION): To investigate opportunities to generate increased funding resources and donations for revenue expansion and sustainability

Objective 1: Identify at least two grant opportunities for non-profit organizations and apply for these by National Kappa Kappa Iota

Objective 2: Provide online: dues payment, fund-raising monies, donations and endowments to generate revenues by $25K

Strategic Goal 5 (SERVICE): To encourage and expand service opportunities

Objective 1: Have at least one philanthropic activity each year by local chapter

Objective 2: Document better and share service activities by all chapters and states

Objective 3: Promote the awareness of a variety of service opportunities available to members at all levels and increase participation in these service events using social media, local news outlets, and websites

Objective 4: Encourage scholarship qualified applicants to pursue local, state, and national scholarships prior to deadlines each year