2021-2022 State Presidents

Linda Reutlinger

Alpha State Oklahoma

"Kappa friendships make life's garden bloom"

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Peggy Davis

Beta State New Mexico

"Kappa Loves Deeper than the Ocean"

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Diana Spriggs

Gamma State Kansas

"Kappas are Pieces in a Puzzle. Together They Make a Beautiful Picture."

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Patrice Smith

Delta State Texas

"Texans: Catching the Wave of Hope and Friendship for Kappa's Future."

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Linda Childers

Epsilon State Arkansas

"Kappas Make Every Connection Matter"

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Jennifer Otradovec

Zeta State Missouri

"Kappas Catch the Waves of Friendship and Memories"

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Linda Pearce

Eta State Louisiana

"Share the Joy of Kappa"

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Sandra Youngblood Theta/AL

Sandra Youngblood

Theta State Alabama

"Kappas Cast the Membership Wave"

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Tracy Froien

Iota State Nebraska

"Kappa Kindness for All"

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Carol Lunsford

Lambda State Georgia

"Lambda State - Ride the Waves"

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Dr. Marcie McMillin-Bryant

Mu State Mississippi

"Sail on Kappas"

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Henrietta Hamilton, Xi Chapter, Nu State/CA

Henrietta F. Hamilton

Nu State California

"We Are the Pied Pipers of Our Children"

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Laurel Colgate

Xi State Florida

"Kappas are Like Grains of Sand; When Joined Together have Unlimited Possibilities"

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Tina Olson

Omicron State Iowa

"Friendship is the Heart of Kappa"

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Lynn McNeilly

Rho State North Carolina

Sue Hagan

Upsilon State South Carolina

"Anytime, Anywhere, Kappa Waves"

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Barbara Daisher Phi/OH

Barbara Daisher

Phi State Ohio

"Kappas Back Together Again Is A Recipe For Success"

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Suellen Sulunga

Chi State Hawaii

"Kappa in Hawaii is the Aloha Spirit"

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Cathy Norton

Psi State Tennessee

"Kappas Sail through Rough Seas Together"

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Jane Johnson

Alpha Alpha State Kentucky

"Kappas Catch the Wave of Helpfulness"

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Stacey Hiltner

Alpha Chapter Maryland

"Ride the educational wave with Maryland Kappas"

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